Imagine the towering Burj Khalifa piercing the sky, the excitement of the desert adventures, and the lively streets teeming with activity—all characteristic scenes of Dubai.

But before packing your bags, stop and think about the best airline to fly to Dubai. Indeed, choosing an airline for traveling to Dubai that offers both comfort and convenience is challenging, but no more. 

Introducing the ultimate guide to the airlines that will make you feel happy, relaxed, and ready to explore. Discover the list and choose the best one for you!

Get the List: Best Airline to Fly to Dubai


Emirates is known for its luxurious cabins, especially First Class and Business Class. These cabins offer spacious seating options that can convert into fully flat beds. Apart from this, premium amenities like in-seat massage functions and personal mini-bars enhance the luxury experience.

The award-winning service of airlines is also excellent. You can expect comfort and satisfaction from the presence of attentive and professional flight attendants.

Emirates’ entertainment system is also known as ICE (Information, Communication, Entertainment), where there is a vast selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games to reduce travel boredom.

If you are one of the travelers looking for a faster and more convenient option, Emirates operates its flight services to Dubai from many cities around the world.

Although Emirates may not be budget-friendly, it offers comfortable, luxurious, and convenient accommodations. Therefore, it can be calculated as the best airline to fly to Dubai.

Qatar Airways

If we talk about luxurious comfort, like Emirates, Qatar Airways also offers luxurious cabins. The airline’s First Class and Business Class cabins have spacious seating that easily converts into fully flat beds. Among the premium amenities you can enjoy are oversized personal TVs, noise-canceling headphones, and even pajamas.

Qatar ranks high for exceptional customer service in passenger satisfaction surveys. Qatar ranks high for exceptional customer service in passenger satisfaction surveys. It is possible because of the well-trained cabin crew who are trained from time to time to provide impeccable service.

Qatar Airways’ Oryx One entertainment system rivals the best, where there is a massive library of movies, TV shows, music, and games, which is capable of meeting the demands of different customers.

Although Dubai is not a hub for Qatar Airways, the airline still offers frequent and convenient air service to Dubai.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is also the best airline to fly to Dubai. Why?

Also, the airline is famous for its first-class accommodations, which have modern entertainment systems, lots of space, and an emphasis on making every voyage memorable. 

An international group of 8 cooks from all across the globe makes delectable new cuisine that flyers can try on board. 

The first-class cabins of these airlines are known for their luxurious mattresses and other facilities that make flying to Mexico a relaxing experience. 

Selecting Extra Legroom Seats will allow you to extend your legs even further, elevating your degree of comfort while flight. 

We also provide options for those with special dietary or medical requirements, such as those who are kosher, Muslim, or vegetarian, as well as meals for infants and toddlers. 

To ensure their customers have a good time on the flight, the friendly cabin crew at Singapore Airlines goes out of their way to cater to their every need. 

Etihad Airways

The national airline of the UAE is Etihad Airways. They provide passenger and freight routes from Abu Dhabi to destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas, among other continents. 

Their transatlantic ticket provides a virtual bedroom in the sky; this unique offering makes them the best airline to fly to Dubai. 

The check-in personnel in Abu Dhabi will gladly and patiently answer all of your queries while working efficiently and swiftly. The service is top-notch. 

Even if long-haul Etihad flights don’t have the most modern legroom or seat pitch, passengers who are quite tall may wish to consider purchasing an upgrade to business or premium economy. 

Although the majority of the planes are comfortable, you may find that the screens aren’t as modern as those of other carriers. 

Skytrax has given Etihad a 4 out of 10, but we think it deserves a better grade. The only things people have said about it are that it is efficient and pleasant. 


If you want a budget-conscious trip to Dubai, try Flydubai – an airline that is synonymous with happy and comfortable travel with affordable fares.

Interestingly, Emirates’ low-cost sister airline has an extensive network of destinations, while a modern fleet and efficient service enhance the comfortable experience.

While a modern fleet and efficient service enhance the comfortable experience. Whether the purpose of the trip is business, family vacation, or romantic honeymoon, Flydubai offers a pleasant travel experience.


Choosing the Best Airline to Fly to Dubai is crucial and can impact your travel experience. Although there is no shortage of options in this context, the main basis for choosing airlines is comfort, convenience, amenities, and budget. Focusing on your convenience and accessibility, here is the list of the best airlines that are perfect for traveling to Dubai. So, choose the suitable option per your need and make your journey to Dubai smooth.


Which airline is number 1 in Dubai?

Many airlines are vying for the number 1 spot in Dubai, out of which the names of Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and Flydubai come at the top.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Dubai?

The cheapest month to fly to Dubai is typically during the summer months, particularly June, July, and August when temperatures soar but airfares drop due to decreased demand.

Which airline is better than Emirates?

British Airways is considered better than Emirates. When compared with Emirates, British Airways offers more overall destinations and more U.S. destinations.

Which is the best airline to fly to Dubai?

Emirates is the best airline to travel to Dubai.

What is the cheapest option for Dubai?

The cheapest option for Dubai is Flydubai. Despite being a low-cost carrier, it provides quality services.

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