Mexico – As soon as the name is heard, vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and ancient ruins come to mind. According to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, about 31.9 million annual visitors visit Mexico in search of adventure and relaxation.

However, before setting foot in the majestic land, travelers search what are the best airlines to fly to Mexico because finding the perfect airline is the key. 

Here is the list of top-rated airlines that can be considered best for traveling to Mexico. Let’s explore the best airlines to elevate your Mexican getaway!

Get the List of the 6 Best Airlines to Fly to Mexico

Mexico is home to one hundred airports, where chief airlines from different continents fly. The best airlines to fly to Mexico list has been prepared based on luxury, full services, and budget. Pick the one that suits you best!

Qatar Airways

At the 2023 World Airline Awards, which are hosted by the international air transport rating organization Skytrax, the ten-time winner, Qatar Airways, continued its streak of success as the best airline in the world in the business class category. 

The airline’s destination is Juarez International Airport in Mexico.

Qatar Airways provides various extra services to enhance your travel experience, crafted to your specific needs. 

Fees for upgrades can range from $200 to $12,000 per person for each flight, and they may be offered for specific fare categories.

Before, during, and after meals, passengers flying Economy Class with Qatar Airways can enjoy a variety of complimentary beverages. 

In addition to a wide selection of films, TV shows, interactive games, and more, each passenger has access to a wealth of fascinating entertainment options.

With the in-flight Wi-Fi, you can surf the web whenever you want, and there are enough USB ports to keep your devices charged.


Consider Emirates as one of the  Best Airlines to Fly to Mexico because of its opulent services, gourmet food inspired by local cuisine, a winner in-flight entertainment system (ice), and legendary multilingual cabin crew, which represents more than 130 different nationalities.

When you enter the airlines, you can enjoy Lavish private suites, which are equipped with fine materials and thoughtful amenities.

During the journey to Mexico with Emirates, passengers can enhance dining experiences curated by world-class chefs to tantalize their taste buds. Add to this an exclusive selection of fine wines and spirits indulgence.

The dedicated crew members anticipate every need with impeccable service, making the journey memorable. For airlines, it does not matter whether passengers are flying first or premium class, Emirates aims to ensure that passengers enjoy their journey.

Singapore Airlines

The national airline of Singapore, Singapore Airlines, has its main base at Changi Airport and is a partner of the Star Alliance. 

Factors that make it one of the best airlines to fly to Mexico are its excellent service provided to clients in all fare categories. 

The airline is also known for providing high-class rooms with the latest entertainment systems, plenty of space, and a dedication to making each flight a unique experience.

The airline’s foreign culinary panel, which is made up of eight chefs from around the world, is always making new dishes for fellow passengers to enjoy.

The unique features of the airlines’ first-class cabins are lavish amenities and sumptuous bedding that make the journey to Mexico full of comfort.

To enhance your comfort level while traveling, you can choose Extra Legroom Seats and stretch your legs even more.

Specific dietary or medical needs, such as kosher, Muslim, or vegetarian options, plus meals for young toddlers and newborns, are also catered for.

Singapore Airlines’ attentive cabin crew takes the initiative to fulfill every whim and desire of passengers, ensuring a pleasant journey.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., known as Nihon Kōkū Kabushiki-gaisha, is the country’s flag carrier. Tokyo’s Shinagawa serves as the home base for JAL.

JAL is proud to stand among the select group of just eight airlines globally awarded the prestigious APEX WORLD CLASS 2023 certification. This esteemed accolade acknowledges JAL’s steadfast commitment to prioritizing safety, promoting well-being, championing sustainability, and enhancing the overall guest experience. Due to these characteristics, the airline is considered one of the best airlines to fly to Mexico.

This airline has received the Best Economy Class award three years in a row, based on the Skytrax World Airline Awards. After experiencing Japan Airlines’ first-rate cabin service from floor to ceiling, customers will know why economy class is the best choice.

Passengers always want the finest whether it’s a small domestic flight or a lengthy international one. More legroom is just an extra perk of flying with Japan Airlines to others. Oh, there’s more! Airlines work with famous Japanese restaurants and businesses to create delicious meals that set them apart from the competition. 

Spirit Airlines

When your budget is limited and looking for one of the best airlines to fly to Mexico, you can connect with options like Spirit Airlines.

A prominent American ultra-low-cost airline based in Dania Beach, Florida, in the Miami metropolitan area, Spirit Airlines, Inc. is stylized as spirit.

Because they allow customers to pick and choose which amenities they need, airlines are the go-to for frugal vacationers.

While traveling to Mexico, you can enjoy many services, including flight transportation – assigned seating, priority boarding, Wi-Fi, etc. However, these are optional services, meaning you will have to pay extra to opt for them.

You can pay for different kinds of food and drinks with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, prepaid ReadyCARD, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, as they don’t accept cash.

Spirit flights lack TVs or ways to keep your laptop or phone entertained during the trip. The airline’s website says that the $5.99 Wi-Fi on board is fast enough to watch movies online. 

However, airlines make travel to Mexico accessible by prioritizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Aeromexico AIrlines

Aeroméxico is the national airline of Mexico. Its full name is Aerovías de México, S.A. de C.V., which means “Airways of Mexico, Public Limited.”

Being a low-cost carrier, the airline does not compromise on its services, hence it is included in the category of best airlines to fly to Mexico.

The airline offers larger seats, which are more cozy, give more personal space, and recline into a full-flat bed to enhance the onboard experience. 

The dedicated staff is here to cater to every need during your time on board. 

Travelers can enjoy special food crafted by world-class chefs on all of your long-haul flights. On every flight, you can enjoy premium snacks and beverages. When you’re on board, you can watch a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and music channels right from your seat. The reliable service of airlines is ideal for traveling to Mexico.


Whenever you are planning to fly to Mexico and have to choose the best airlines for flying to Mexico, avoid the dilemma and explore the exclusive list. It includes those airlines that have been given places that understand the needs of the customers very well, whether they want luxury, full assistance, or a limited budget plan. In the end, regardless of the airline chosen, travelers can rest assured that their journey to Mexico will be memorable. It is the assurance offered by these airlines!


Which airline is the best to travel to Mexico?

Which airlines are best for Mexico travel depends on your considerations. Emirates and Qatar Airlines are best for luxury travel. Whereas you can go for the options of budget-friendly airlines like Low Spirit and Aeromexico.

What airline has the most flights to Mexico?

American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Delta, etc. Airlines have the most flights to Mexico.

Is there any direct flight from India to Mexico?

India and Mexico do not have any direct airline flights. 

Is AeroMexico a good airline?

Yes, AeroMexico is considered the best airline. The airline has an average rating of 7.5 out of 10 among frequent flyers. 

What companies fly to Mexico?

The major airlines that provide services to Mexico include Lufthansa, Aeromexico, ITA Airways, TAP Portugal, British Airways, JetBlue Airways, Emirates, Japan Airlines, etc.

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